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  • Update: Script edits are in full effect. This thing is currently at 144 pages.

  • My new thing

    For the last year or so, I’ve been teasing updates on a new crime series I’ve been writing, but since I mostly do artwork all day, writing time is limited to a few hours a week at best. Progress is made in very small chunks, but over time it adds up to a grand idea. Happy to announce that I’ve completed a 12 issue script and I’m making a few more passes this month to streamline and tighten things up before I start on the artwork. 

    For those curious about my writing process, I first use notecards to capture every idea, scene, character, setting, etc. I lay the cards out on a table so I can see everything at once, move things around, add and remove pieces as needed, etc. This is how I create my outline. The notecards usually contain the “what” but not the “how.” I tend to work on the how during the script process.  

    This new project was originally conceived as part of SWEETS way back when I first got the idea for that story, long before I even wrote the script for Sweets, but I cut it out because it didn’t quite fit with the other pieces. There was a time when I considered using parts of this idea as a sequel, but the reality is that it needed to be its own thing all together, so that’s what I did.

    It’s a story I’ve wanted to draw for a very long time and I’m excited to get started. Stay tuned for updates as things move forward.


    The first Punks: The Comic paperback “NUTPUNCHER” is currently available for preorder. Please share this with the world.

    4 Easy Ways to Order Punks: The Comic - Nutpuncher:

    1. Print this handy order form and bring it to your local comic shop


    2. If you don’t have a local comic shop, you can order online with one of these fine comic retailers, and possibly pick up a few back issues: 

    Things From Another World

    Discount Comic Book Service

    Graham Crackers

    Midtown Comics

    3. You can also order from Barnes and NobleAmazon, Books-A-Million, and Hudson.

    4. If you prefer DIGITAL comics, you can find single issues of Punks on Image Comics DigitalApple’s iTunes Bookstore, and Amazon’s ComiXology. The digital edition of the paperback will be available for download the same day as the paperback release. 


    Kody Chamberlain

  • Dive in.

    We’ve all got projects in mind that sort of hover around. You know the type, the ones you just can’t stop thinking about.
    Don’t wait for permission.
    Don’t wait for more free time.
    Don’t wait until the money is right.
    Don’t wait for feedback.
    Don’t wait for your skills and talents to get better.
    Don’t wait for approval or validation from anyone.
    Break that project down into small, bite-sized chunks and do the first chunk this week. No matter what.

  • drdavidmrmack:


    Daredevil: End of Days #8, pt 8/8

    w: Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack
    a: Klaus Janson
    c: Matt Hollingsworth

    Was a joy to work on this book with these creators.  Bill Sienkiewicz was also the art team with Klaus Janson. I did some pages and sequences, but I was mainly on writing duties, co-writing with Brian. 

    Here are some layouts, pages, process, and covers of the making the story here:


    As well as some pages from Daredevil: Wake Up that I did with Bendis.

    I will be in London next month, signing with my DD collaborators like last time, Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewz. @sinkevitch 

    And joined there by @oeming & @takisoma 

  • Kody's Schedule for New Orleans Comic Con Jan 8—11, 2015

    I’m exhibiting at Wizard World in New Orleans all weekend at:
    Table # A-40 (see floor map below)

    I’ll have PUNKS, a few copies of SWEETS, art prints, and a few books of original art work. If there’s any page of art in particular you’d like to get, please let me know today so I can pack it. Also, credit cards accepted.

    I’m also doing two panels, both are on Saturday back-to-back, and in the same room:

    Learn how to uncover big ideas hidden just below the surface. In this inspiring presentation, Kody discusses a variety of oddball techniques for real-world creative thinking including data mining, oscillating notebooks, and pop culture creative advice from Bob Ross, Jaws, Bruce Lee, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

    If you’ve ever had questions about the process of making comics, now’s your chance to ask! Join comic book creator Kody Chamberlain for a special OPEN MIC panel as he answers all of your questions on the subject of writing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, and even pitching your next comic book project.


    Convention Location:
    New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
    900 Convention Center Blvd.
    New Orleans, LA 70130

  • My detailed interview at HOW Design

    "I think the most important thing an artist can discover is a love of process. Love of process fuels innovation, craft, technique, skill, work ethic—well, everything. I often hear artists bragging about some new technology or tool that speeds up or removes a step from their workflow, and that’s great, but we need to be careful to avoid eliminating the things we most enjoy about what we do." —Kody Chamberlain

    Read the full interview here: