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  • I don’t think or talk about my childhood much, but the death of so many great musicians recently got me thinking about old memories and older friends. As a kid, we spent a lot of time relocating to various trailer parks in a tiny broken-down Airstream trailer. I spent as much time as I could sitting outside in my dad’s pickup truck listening to 8-track tapes because that trailer had four other people living inside. I remember being jealous of the other kids in the trailer park that had their own bedrooms. But in that rusty old pickup truck, I discovered music. I didn’t have comic books or access to a TV. Just the music. Looking back, my dad had a surprisingly good selection. James Brown, The Commodores, Otis Redding, Zeppelin, Journey, some classic country like George Jones, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams. ..and stuffed into the glove compartment: Richard Pryor. Most of the music I came to love as a kid is linked to friendships of some kind. It’s amazing how music can lay such a strong foundation for stacking memories.

  • Something I’ve been doing for a few years, figured I’d share it online at some point and just never got around to it. 

    I usually travel with a small sketch kit, but on occasion I want something a whole lot smaller. The Kuretake 8 is perfect if you want a super-minimal sketch kit. Stick a refill or a well-used pencil right into the chamber of the pen. 

  • The first script I ever wrote

    Have a look at the very first script I ever wrote, it’s not dated, but was probably done in 1994. My wife was digging through some old boxes and she found a scrapbook of things she kept from our early years together.

    There are some big problems here, and I remember not really understanding how to tab everything over properly (done manually with a lame word processor) but I think it’s a very fun look at the script that started all this comic book nonsense. 


    — Kody

  • leseanthomas:

    Real life actress Kathryn Beaumont performing in large scale sets & props that disney animators (circa 1951) traced and referenced for the classic Alice In Wonderland

    Rotoscoping has been an integral part of Disney animation films for as lang as they started making the first feature-length films. From 2D classics then, to Mocap in CGI today.

    Reference helps.^^

    Love seeing stuff like this. Via @leseanthomas

  • I recently did a career interview with a student inquiring about graphic design. She asked me to include samples for different types of design projects. I had to dig deep into the archives for some of these, like pop-up ads, postcards, e-newsletters, etc. Had fun going through all those old files this week.

  • andrewcrobinson:

    Cable. It’s complicated. Ink, ink wash, @copicmarker on @strathmoreart Bristol. There’s some spots available on my commission list. Contact @sequenceart for details. #cable #marvel #comics #andrewrobinson #art

  • andrewcrobinson:

    You just rolled Snake Eyes. Quick sketch at @hypnocomics. #gijoe #snakeeyes #andrewrobinson #ventura #hypnocomics


  • Happened upon a logo I did many years ago for the Mission Viejo High School Band in California. Poked around, looks like it’s still being used on their uniforms. Too cool.